Safety • Responsiveness • Innovation

EduTek Midwest is an independent educational software reseller.

Our software vendors are smart and nimble–––and innovative. Are we a good fit for your organization?

From our side, we are relentless in our quest to fundamentally improve school safety and student learning. At our core is the unmistakeable idea that a safe, engaged, and informed school benefits all students, teachers, and communities.

All schools should be a safe place for students to learn––regardless of a student’s personal circumstances. When using CrisisGo Software, crisis management becomes much less stressful and significantly more focused. Schools send the strongest message possible about the importance of student, staff and community safety.

For learners, lessons should engage everyone and demand the best teaching practices. Classrooms should be built from the “inside-out”––independent of the infrastructure, class size, or budget. Naiku Software is the right tool to achieve this goal.

On the whole, we are constantly seeking the right mix of solutions for making schools better. It’s this approach that puts EduTek Midwest ahead of others to deliver a superior experience.

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