“We’re all set,” makes me worry about safety

Safety is a big issue in schools. We’ve had major, national school tragedies in Colorado, New Jersey, West Virginia and Washington State. But everyday––and in every state––something happens that derails an otherwise normal day. Fears about violence, bullying, drugs, medical issues and more are prevalent.

Safety statistics indicate that as many as 7% of students in grades K-12 stay at home because of fears about violence and lack of safety.*

What are schools and administrators doing about it? Many administrators feel they are doing all they can. They train teachers and practice drills. At the first sign of a problem, many are instructed to dial 9-1-1. But when talking to district leaders—too often is the phrase, “We’re all set,” repeated. What this really means is,As a school leader, I’m so busy––I can’t think straight. After all, we already have a safety notebook and know how to dial the cops for help.”

That is the problem.

Schools talk about safety being a priority, but their approach is backwards. Looking at this issue from a teacher’s point of view––this would change an administrator’s perspective. With CrisisGo, we want to change “What do I DO now?”to “This is what I need to do NOW.” That’s the focus of our software;  it makes following safety processes easier, more accessible and clearly more manageable.

So forget the, “We’re all set.” Let’s move to, “We know exactly what to do.”

That’s what happens with CrisisGo.

*NCES, National Center for Education Statistics