Why Naiku at TCEA was standing room only

During the big TCEA conference in Texas, the team at Naiku had a pretty busy time. The usual conference preparation included staffing the booth, making sure basic equipment was set-up and the Internet was functioning well. Naiku has participated in lots of shows, but there was a 60-minute presentation that CEO Greg wasn’t sure what to expect. He was scheduled on the 3rd floor at noon—when a lot of folks are too busy or too tired to make the trek. But 1/2 before the discussion and presentation, people were showing up. By the 12:00 start, there was a line outside the door. Why all the fuss? Simply put, Naiku is an app whose time has come. It handles assessment for learning, is incredibly easy-to-use, accelerates student achievement––and has a best-in-class approach supported by the research of Dr John Hattie. If your school is not using Naiku, your students are missing out on learning.