Study Buddy by Brainchild

SB2_MathQuestionStruggling Learners? Not Enough Classroom Time?

Keep Students Focused on the Most Important Subjects

The Study Buddy has proven for over 20 years to improve Math, Sceince and ELA skills for any student.

It’s reliable, and classroom-ready. No expensive training is required. Using the Study Buddy is as easy as handing them out and watch learning happen. Students learn at their own pace, reinforcing basic skills–––or challenging them with Common Core Content.


  • 5″ Touch Screen LCD for Easy Input and Feedback
  • No Internet Needed––Use it Anywhere
  • Skills-based and Common Core Content
  • Focused and Practical for any Student
  • Qualifies for Title I, Title 31A, SIG, RTTT, and More!

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