Safety, Schools and Board Members

If you are a school board member in Michigan, you probably know that there are a few state-required updates centered around school safety. What are they and how might these  change school safety?

Michigan now requires results of safety drills to be posted on each district website, along with other safety related data. There’s also a requirement for students and staff to participate in at least 10 drills during the school year—though there are certain restrictions with the specific drill-types and timeframes. A summary is listed by clicking here


Why do we share these details? Because we are in the business of keeping students, staff and schools safe with a BETTER SAFETY PROCESS. Safety should still be the priority, but it should not be difficult or expensive.

I recently listened to Michele Gay who is co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools. She shared that when organizations rely on 3-ring binders or a few key people to alert them about a safety issue—problems can multiply. Michele speaks directly to this: she lost a daughter in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary.

At CrisisGo, we address school safety in a no-nonsense way—with specialized 2-way communication tools for phones and pads. We use audible alerts, controlled (but comprehensive) messaging, emergency contacts, safety calendars—all from the palm of your hand.

Our CrisisGo software is the most comprehensive safety software for schools; it can be used with almost any smartphone or tablet. It’s instant, managed, integrated and 2-way. Because our software allows customization for each staff member…every action-response is known to the specific user. The result is a much safer school environment, staff that is more knowledgeable about safety procedures—and a much better-prepared community.

You might say that schools that use CrisisGo are prepared 24/7/365 for anything…bullying, severe weather, accidents, lockdowns…whatever might be a SAFETY CONCERN in the district.