Safety, Schools and Preparation


Most schools tell us safety is their #1 issue. Never has there been a more important concern in all schools than keeping kids safe. When we visit with safety officers and administrators it seems a large part of their plans involve using local law enforcement to assist. Dialing 9-1-1 is the standard.

The challenge for each of these organizations is that during a crisis that affects many buildings––like severe weather or a chemical spill––local emergency teams are greatly strained. Openly discussing these types of incidents with staff should be part of a total Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Doing so creates a greater awareness of the critical importance of having a safety action plan that is accessible, up-to-date, coordinated and responsive.

Why Naiku at TCEA was standing room only


During the big TCEA conference in Texas, the team at Naiku had a pretty busy time. The usual conference preparation included staffing the booth, making sure basic equipment was set-up and the Internet was functioning well. Naiku has participated in lots of shows, but there was a 60-minute presentation that CEO Greg wasn’t sure what to expect. He was scheduled on the 3rd floor at noon—when a lot of folks are too busy or too tired to make the trek. But 1/2 before the discussion and presentation, people were showing up. By the 12:00 start, there was a line outside the door. Why all the fuss? Simply put, Naiku is an app whose time has come. It handles assessment for learning, is incredibly easy-to-use, accelerates student achievement––and has a best-in-class approach supported by the research of Dr John Hattie. If your school is not using Naiku, your students are missing out on learning.


Schools and Bullying


In a 2011 report from NCES, 20% of high school students were bullied at school and 33% reported being involved in a physical fight in the school. This alarming trend has forced state and national teams to look closely at the impact of school safety, learning and overall health of schools.

Safety in Every School


2014 saw many more incidents in our K12 schools than ever before. Both Michigan and Ohio schools experienced bomb threats, weapons in buildings, suspicious packages and more. Teachers and administrators can be caught off guard by bomb threats, weapons, bullying, and countless other disruptions. Dialing 9-1-1 is important—but what happens during the ensuing wait time is absolutely critical for better safety. Is your school properly prepared to handle these kinds of situations?